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Explore the Metaverse
with Angdev

Angdev is NFT Collection of 1,400 special character that create on the Polygon block chain.

Angdev Benefit

Arcade Game

Arcade Game is a variety of casual games that anyone can easily enjoy.

Angdev is free to enjoy all the games. Voting allows you to select the next game to be produced.

In all games, Angdev has VIP privileges.

Angdev Avatars

Angdev Avatars is a special playable avatar made of voxels used in TheSandbox.

Special NFT

Special wearable NFT equipment made by Ecoverse is provided to Angdev.

Gather special wearables made of various IPs.


Angdev gather to communicate and interact with people who exist in other metaverse.

Playing Reward

Angdev can play various casual arcades and participate in weekly or month-long rewards to earn rewards.



Eve, a spirit born in the Ecoverse, lives by traveling through the Metaverse.

Then one day, They travel to a special dimension,

It was a special space where angels and demons coexist!

Eve is influenced by them and transformed into Angdev.

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